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Karmasangsthan Bank provides credit facilities in cash or in any any other manner for all sorts of economic activities, especially to the unemployed youths, for self-employment, with or without security. Karmasangsthan Bank can perform the following activities subject to terms and conditions prescribed by Bangladesh Bank :

(a) To receive deposits from statutory bodies, companies, loanees of the Bank and from such other persons as not determined as a single person for the purpose by the Govt.

(b) To procure/receive credit by way of mortgage of its assets or anything else for conducting its business.

(c) To secure pledge, mortgage, hypothecation or assignment of movable or immovable property as security against loans and advances granted by the Bank.

(d) To purchase shares of any statutory body.

(e) To receive savings certificates, title deeds of ownership or any other valuable articles for keeping them in safe custody.

(f) To form, operate and control any kind of fund or trust and to hold and deliver shares of such fund or trust.

(g) To accord advice to the loanees of the Bank about investment of the loan.

(h) To invest Bank’s fund in any sector approved by the Govt.

(i) To set up, manage, develop and conduct any institution or project for the purpose of training, welfare & development of the unemployeds.

(j) To receive, collect, remit and pay monies, securities and bills within the country.

(k) With a view to conducting the business, to secure/manage and transfer movable or immovable property with housing facilities.

(l) To advise the unemployeds about investment.

(m) To encourage the unemployed workforce to invest in agro product processing & cottage industries.

(n) To provide the loanees with managerial, marketing, technical & administrative assistances.

(o) To open account with any bank or financial institution, to make contract with them or to act as their Agent.

(p) To sell and manage all properties earned by the Bank.

(q) With a view to generating employment opportunities, to procure credit or aid from any donor agency or organization subject to approval of the Govt.

(r) To make arrangement for collection of information, research and publications relating to employment, particularly self-employment in the country.

(s) To do such other acts as the Bank is entitled to do and are determined by the Govt. through Govt. Gazette Notifications.

(t) To do any other necessary act which is compatible with objectives of the Karmasangsthan Bank Act.

(u) Besides the above activities, the Bank can issue and sell Bonds and Debentures subject to prior approval of the Govt. The rates of interest of such Bonds and Debentures shall be that as determined by the Govt. and each of such Bond or Debenture shall have Govt. surety behind itself.

(v) It is mentionable that with a view to eliminating unemployment and alleviating poverty through generation of self-employment for the unemployed youths, the Bank is now providing loans without security in various productive economic activities.

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